Saturday, February 1, 2020

My role as an Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

My role as an Officer - Essay Example I also have been trained to specialize in operating maritime vehicles; this is not something that every Warrant Officer will be responsible for, however each will specialize in some field such as with aircraft, special units and equipment, organized tasks and other events. I have been trained to specialize in maritime vehicles because so many other roles within the Army are not so focused; Army personnel are generally trained in a little of every aspect of the entire organization and it is my job and the job of other Warrant Officers to take the lead on tasks that require a deeper knowledge base. Another important part of my job is to function as a teacher for other Army personnel. I possess the skills to train a variety of personnel in general studies as well as to help recruits who have been chosen to specialize get their studies underway. It is up to me to share my own knowledge of how the Army is organized and how each person fulfills a role within that framework so that every new recruit understands their function and what they are responsible for within the larger unit. As a Junior Warrant Officer, I was involved more in the day-to-day tasks of my unit; dealing with machinery and exercises.

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